Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mixing Prints

I normally don't like to mix prints, but I was feeling a little adventurous today :) Plus, I've heard that animal prints should be treated at neutrals!

Mixing Prints

I love this particular style of Joe's Jeans because they are super comfortable and stretchy, and they are mid-rise. I hate anything that is low-rise, which is why most of my jeans are from Rag & Bone or J Brand since they offer a variety of mid-rise styles. The color of these jeans (bordeaux) is less red and more purple than in the picture.

I also wore this black cardigan because my office is freezing, even in the winter!

My favorite part of this outfit are my Tory Burch flats. These are new, and I got them because I wanted a pair of all black flats, but that weren't plain and boring. I like that the 'medallion' is in the same fabric/texture as the rest of the shoe because it doesn't make the brand so obvious. These flats are very comfortable; however, it does take a few wears to break them in. I found the scrunched back kind of bothered my heel on the first day, but after that it seemed to stretch out, and now they are perfect! I got these in my normal size 8.

Here's the jewelry I wore today (but took off to photograph before taking the picture of myself...oops!). I kept it really simple  because the sequin shirt doesn't need anything to compete with!

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