Thursday, January 31, 2013

MAC Spring 2013 Collection: Pro Longwear Paint Pots

When I saw this Temptalia's post on the new Pro Longwear Paint Pots I kind of freaked out.

I previously wrote about how I've been obsessed with cream shadows lately, and MAC's Paint Pots are some of my favorite. Now there is going to be a whole collection of them and they will be permanent?! YES PLEASE.

This collection contains 8 permanent colors, and I'm pretty sure a few of them have been promoted in previous collections, but they have always been limited edition...until now!

These are the same size and price ($18.50) as regular Paint Pots. Each has also been promoted in the original paint pot form in the past. The collection is available everywhere on February 7th, 2013.

MAC's description from the website:

"Eyes shimmer and shine with the pearly glow of MAC Paint Pots - now in a rich, creamy formula that dries with vibrant intensity, delivering illuminating dimension and a lustrous pearlized finish." 

This collection has a nice range of colors; there are darks, lights, neutrals and colors. All images via My Lips But Better.

Chilled on Ice: Frosted white gold
Let's Skate: Pale pink with pearl
Vintage Selection: Frosted dirty peach
Let Me Pop: Frosted light copper
Frozen Violet: Frosted purple silver
Blackground: Black grey with multicolor
Antique Diamond: Frosted olive silver
Dangerous Cuvee: Frosted cool grey

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MAC Spring 2013 Collection: Archie's Girls

I was perusing MAC's website this morning and a few upcoming collections really caught my eye. Since there are so many pictures and collection information, I'm going to split this up into three separate posts.

The Archie's Girls collection is available online right now, and came out in MAC stand-alone stores today. The collection will be available everywhere else on February 7th, 2013.

The collection consists of A LOT of products. Online they are divided and shown in three different sections: Archie's Girls, Betty and Veronica.

Archie's Girls

"The ravishing rivals for Archie's affection inspire a colour collection celebrating their iconic personas. Smoulder in deep and seductive tones by spoiled rich girl Veronica or beam like blonde-next-door Betty in soft and innocent shades for eyes and face. So gorgeous in exclusively designed packaging. Limited Edition."

Eye shadow quads ($44.00)
         Caramel Sundae: Cheryl Chic, Dreammaker, Caramel Sundae and Showstopper
         Spoiled Rich: Pin Up Purple, Spoiled Rich, Ron Ron Ron and Gravel
Betty Pigments ($23.00): Cheers My Dear and Lucky in Love
Veronica Pigments ($23.00): Black Poodle and Magic Spells
Mascara ($17.50): Betty Opulash Optimum Black and Veronica Opulash
Eyeliner ($16.50): Pearlglide in Petrol Blue and Designer Purple
Blush ($22.00): Betty Powder Blush in Cream Soda and Veronica Powder Blush in Prom Princess
Face Powder ($30.00): Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powders in Flatter Me and Veronica's Blush

Archie's Girls
Individual Images via Glamazondiaries

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sigma Beauty: NEW Eye Shadow Base Kits

I just got an email from Sigma Beauty about their new eye shadow bases! The official release date is February 4th, but right now they are available for PRE-ORDER! I have never purchased Sigma make up products, but these bases really intrigue me. Recently, I've really been into wearing cream shadows; my go-to ones are from Maybelline and MAC, so I really want to try Sigma's.

There are three kits: Bare, Dare and Flare. These have the same names as Sigma's Bare, Dare and Flare eye shadow palettes (which I don't own), so I'm guessing the cream bases have a similar color scheme as the corresponding eye shadow palettes.

The Bare kit contains neutral colors, the Dare kit has sultry colors and the Flare kit has bold colors.

Each kit is $36 and comes with 3 bases and the F70 eye shadow base brush.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Packing Tips Pt. 3: A Night Out

Another thing you will do a lot on a ski vacation is go out to dinner/drinks. This is because most people stay in hotels, so they don't have the ability to cook. Even if you stay at a place where you can cook, there will be nights when you want to venture into the ski 'village' (an area most ski resorts have with tons of restaurants, shops and bars) to check out what's there.

When you're walking around outside you can guarantee it's going to be cold. Obviously, you want to stay warm, but you're not going to wear your ski clothes because those are bulky and impractical for walking around and hanging out at a bar or restaurant.

Below are some outfit ideas for going out at night! These are the actual outfits I wore when going out in Whistler Village. Also, I wore my ski coat with all of these outfits.

I bought these Uggs a few winters ago, so they are an old style that I don't think is made anymore. I think this boot is the perfect type though for a snow boot. Columbia makes very similar boots that are perfect for cold weather. I also own a pair from Columbia and usually wear those when it's really snowy out, like blizzard status.

More outfits after the jump!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Target Haul: Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsticks & More!

I did a little Target shopping today, and of course ended up in the make-up section! It's actually been awhile since I've bought new make-up, so it was exciting to see the new spring products. Here's what I picked up:

I've wanted to try the Elf Kabuki Face Brush for awhile, but have never had a reason to pick it up since I love my angled kabuki brush (mentioned in this post). WELL, I sadly spilled something on that brush and now it's kind of gross, so this was the perfect opportunity to pick up the Elf one.

I haven't used the Elf brush yet, but from testing it on the back of my hand and my face, it is SUPER soft and not scratchy at all.

I FINALLY found the Maybelline color tattoos I wrote about a month ago. There were still a bunch in stock in every color except for Barely Branded, which was the only one I wanted. Fortunately, I was able to grab the last one!

Read about the Maybelline Color Whispers after the jump!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Packing Tips Pt. 2: Lounging Around

In my Winter Wonderland and Packing Tips pt. 1 post I mentioned needing to pack different types of outfits when going on a ski (or snowboarding) trip. I gave ideas for skiing/boarding clothes, and this post will provide ideas for what to wear when you're just hanging out after a long day on the slopes!

When I finish skiing for the day I always go back to my hotel room to eat a snack and relax. While I'm justing hanging out in my hotel room I like to wear lounge-y clothes. It feels so nice to put on something comfortable and warm after having worn sweaty and cold clothing all day! Lately I've been obsessed with Lululemon yoga pants (something my wallet is NOT obsessed about), so I’ll wear those, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.

Some other yoga pant brands I like are Under Armour and Victoria's Secret VSX and/or Pink.

Yoga Pants

I don’t like fitted tops, so all of my lounge shirts are over-sized or at least loose fitting. They usually have some design that represents my alma mater (Boston University), sorority (Kappa Delta) or a place I’ve been to on vacation.

Untitled #21

When it comes to sweatshirts, I find that I'm most comfortable in quarter-zips and hoodies. A lot of people also like zip-ups, but I don't like these as much because I feel more constricted when wearing them.

Also, don’t forget fuzzy socks! These are the best for lounging. No one wants to have cold feed J

Another thing you should remember to bring is a bathing suit. A lot of hotels have heated indoor or outdoor pools as well as hot tubs. It feels so amazing to sit in a hot tub after skiing/boarding, and they help relax your muscles so you won't feel as sore the next day! I like Victoria's Secret bathing suit tops because they have some nice styles that provide good support and coverage.

Bathing Suits
Victoria's Secret victoria secret swimwear / Victoria's Secret bikini swimwear / Victoria's Secret bikini swimwear

Part 3 coming soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

7 Little Things (December 2012)

This is the first real perfume that I’ve owned. I consider it my first ‘real’ perfume because before that I had a Victoria’s Secret fragrance that came in a plastic bottle. Poppy comes in a real, glass container and also has pretty packaging!  I’ve worn this almost every day since buying it over a year ago, and it’s only a little more than half-way used up. For reference, I own the largest bottle, which is 3.4 oz. This is a flowery/sweet scent that all of my friends (girls and guys) enjoy!

I purchased this after I sadly ran out of my Chanel Vitalumière Aqua at the end of November and I didn’t want to drop $50 to buy a new one. I also had a $30 coupon to Sephora, so I figured I’d put that to good use. I’ve actually owned this in the past and liked its coverage then; I'm not sure why I stopped using it actually. This is definitely heavier and more buildable than the natural/light coverage of the Chanel foundation, and gives a more airbrushed look. I would say this starts at medium coverage and can be built up to heavy coverage. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on how it makes my skin look. This hasn’t broken me out, which is nice because I sometimes find that happens when changing products.

I got this after buying the Make Up For Ever HD foundation because I didn’t like how the new foundation and my old setting powder (MACMineralize Skin Finish Natural) worked together. I found the combination of the two wasn’t mattifying enough for my skin and I would get really oily not even half-way through the day! My little sister recommended this setting powder, and I really like how it’s been working with the HD foundation. I do think this powder is heavier than the MSF, but it doesn’t give me cake-face at all.

My lips have been dry this month, and these chap sticks are really nice. Not much to say, aside from that they hydrate/moisturize my lips well. Quenched doesn’t apply with color, but Peach Kiss has a frosty peach tint. These were also extremely helpful when I was skiing.

I previously wrote about this color in mid-December. Since then (and even before that) I’ve had Metal Icon on my nails (using new coats of course!). I love gunmetal on nails because it’s close to black but not as harsh, and I think it’s more wearable that silver.

This eyelash curler has REALLY helped my eyelashes look semi normal. I am half-Chinese and I unfortunately got those genes when it comes to my eyelashes. They are short and stick straight out, so I need all the help I can get to make them appear long and curled. I've used a few different eye lash curlers, and this is the only one that has really made a difference; it’s definitely worth the money, and you will most likely never need to buy a new one!

Last but not least, MAC’s Painterly paint pot. I ran out of my Nars eye primer at the beginning of December and instead of buying a new one I decided to use what I did when I first got into make-up: MAC's paint pots. I've had Painterly for a long time, and while I've made a huge dent in it, I’m not anywhere close to the bottom. Just another MAC product that I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth of. I like how this product provides a matte wash of color to my lid, even if it is a few shades lighter than my natural skin tone. I’ve never had a problem with creasing with paint pots. I like how these are available in a variety of colors; I also own Indianwood and Constructivist.