Sunday, December 2, 2012

7 Little Things (November 2012)

Happy December! Sorry this is a little late, but better late than never, right?! Here are my seven beauty favorites from November :)

More about the products after the jump!

This is a great product for brightening your under eye area. It's easy to apply (yay for rolly-balls!) and the product lasts forever. I don't have bad under eye circles at all, but I have used this every day since purchasing.

Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Naked

I use this as an every day neutral gloss; for me, it's one of those "my lips but better" shades. Urban Decay describes this gloss as a pinky neutral, and I also find that it's a little bit minty. This is a pretty thick gloss, so it stays on pretty long, but not as long as a MAC lipglass. I have this in the mini because it came in my Naked 2 palette, but once that runs out I will probably buy the full-size version.

NARS Concealer in Honey

I love this concealer. It's perfecting for covering up blemishes and blends into my skin easily. This is the third one I've purchased! I have the one on the left, but I believe this is the old packaging, and the one on the right is how it looks now.

I've been using this eye shadow primer for pretty long time, but recently it has been a holy grail product. The past month was filled with more parties and get togethers than usual, probably because some of my friends who are still in school were home and wanted to do a lot of things! My eye shadow stays in place all day with this primer. The one thing I don't like is the packaging. It gets dirty very easily, so it's definitely no where as near as white as in the promo pic.

I never explored the L'Occitane brand before, but after interning at the brand's PR firm when I studied in London two springs ago, allowed me to take a few products home and have been slowly using them up ever since. This cream has been particularly useful in the fall months because my skin has gotten really dry lately. The cream is very thick and leaves my skin feeling re-hydrated. The above picture is what my product looks like, but I think that packaging has been discontinued. On the website I could only find the below product. 

Even though my skin has been pretty dry lately, I still like to touch up my makeup a few hours into work. This powder is great for doing so, especially if you use a large fluffy brush.

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