Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Wonderland and Packing Tips Pt. 1

Hi everyone and happy holidays! Sorry there hasn't been a post in awhile, I've been super busy at work and now I'm on vacation with my family. We are skiing in Whistler, Canada, and it's gorgeous here! The view from our living room overlooks the ski slopes; it's so snowy and beautiful.

So far, the skiing is great. There is tons of powder, which I love to ski, and the mountain is huge, so I don't think we will run out of trails!

I took this photo on the slopes yesterday.

I find that packing for a snowy vacation can be kind of difficult just because there are so many different types of outfits to pack. First, you obviously need ski clothes. This includes a lot of layering pieces so you can stay warm on the mountain. On top I typically wear Hot Chillys long johns, a t-shirt (dri-fit material), a quarter zip and a big ski coat. On the bottom I'll wear long johns, ski pants and thick ski socks.

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I love the Under Armour semi-fitted short sleeve shirts because they are versatile and super comfy. I not only wear them for skiing, but I also lounge in them and use them as workout tops. I also like my down jacket versus a shell because I don't have to layer as much underneath.

If you're like my family and ski for a week at a time, remember to bring multiples of each item. I always have at least 2-3 of each clothing item.

Additionally, you will need a good pair of mittens or gloves (I prefer mittens with finger slots over gloves because they keep my hands warmer), a neck warmer/gaiter, a helmet and goggles.

I wear Swany women's SX-3 mittens. I've had these for a few years but I don't think they make this specific style anymore since I couldn't find them on the site. However, the ones pictured are pretty similar to mine. My helmet is a Pro-Tec Ace and my snow goggles are Smith Optics Sport Optics Phenom Snowsport Goggles - Spherical Lens. I'm not sure the brand of my neck warmer, but they're all pretty much the same. Also, when it comes to gaiters, a lot of people buy the ones with the connecting head cover, but I don't like those because then I can't clip my helmet underneath.

I'm pretty boring color-wise when it comes to ski clothes. A lot of people wear bright colors and patterns, but my clothing is mostly black, white or gray. I do have a few colorful pieces though; a bright pink dri-fit shirt, bright blue under armour spandex and a burgundy and a red North Face quarter zip.

More on other outfits in another post!

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