Thursday, January 3, 2013

7 Little Things (December 2012)

This is the first real perfume that I’ve owned. I consider it my first ‘real’ perfume because before that I had a Victoria’s Secret fragrance that came in a plastic bottle. Poppy comes in a real, glass container and also has pretty packaging!  I’ve worn this almost every day since buying it over a year ago, and it’s only a little more than half-way used up. For reference, I own the largest bottle, which is 3.4 oz. This is a flowery/sweet scent that all of my friends (girls and guys) enjoy!

I purchased this after I sadly ran out of my Chanel Vitalumière Aqua at the end of November and I didn’t want to drop $50 to buy a new one. I also had a $30 coupon to Sephora, so I figured I’d put that to good use. I’ve actually owned this in the past and liked its coverage then; I'm not sure why I stopped using it actually. This is definitely heavier and more buildable than the natural/light coverage of the Chanel foundation, and gives a more airbrushed look. I would say this starts at medium coverage and can be built up to heavy coverage. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on how it makes my skin look. This hasn’t broken me out, which is nice because I sometimes find that happens when changing products.

I got this after buying the Make Up For Ever HD foundation because I didn’t like how the new foundation and my old setting powder (MACMineralize Skin Finish Natural) worked together. I found the combination of the two wasn’t mattifying enough for my skin and I would get really oily not even half-way through the day! My little sister recommended this setting powder, and I really like how it’s been working with the HD foundation. I do think this powder is heavier than the MSF, but it doesn’t give me cake-face at all.

My lips have been dry this month, and these chap sticks are really nice. Not much to say, aside from that they hydrate/moisturize my lips well. Quenched doesn’t apply with color, but Peach Kiss has a frosty peach tint. These were also extremely helpful when I was skiing.

I previously wrote about this color in mid-December. Since then (and even before that) I’ve had Metal Icon on my nails (using new coats of course!). I love gunmetal on nails because it’s close to black but not as harsh, and I think it’s more wearable that silver.

This eyelash curler has REALLY helped my eyelashes look semi normal. I am half-Chinese and I unfortunately got those genes when it comes to my eyelashes. They are short and stick straight out, so I need all the help I can get to make them appear long and curled. I've used a few different eye lash curlers, and this is the only one that has really made a difference; it’s definitely worth the money, and you will most likely never need to buy a new one!

Last but not least, MAC’s Painterly paint pot. I ran out of my Nars eye primer at the beginning of December and instead of buying a new one I decided to use what I did when I first got into make-up: MAC's paint pots. I've had Painterly for a long time, and while I've made a huge dent in it, I’m not anywhere close to the bottom. Just another MAC product that I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth of. I like how this product provides a matte wash of color to my lid, even if it is a few shades lighter than my natural skin tone. I’ve never had a problem with creasing with paint pots. I like how these are available in a variety of colors; I also own Indianwood and Constructivist.

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